Although Dunwoody didn’t become its own city, officially, until 2008, it has a rich history and the diversity to support it. You’ll find an array of architectural styles, businesses, recreational opportunities, as well as dining and shopping options throughout Dunwoody.

Evidencing its long existence are the individual districts and distinctive neighborhoods that have evolved since its early origins. Spend time in the area and visit Dunwoody Village, one of the most historic divisions of the city. Colonial-style architecture is a throwback, and it gives the hub of the city an antiquated yet cohesive feel. Continue to explore Perimeter City and Williamsburg, both retail and commercial strongholds in Dunwoody, or see the exact opposite in Winters Chapel and Tilly Mill. In those subsets you’ll find parks (including dog parks); residential homes ranging in style and construction; plus pedestrian amenities and recreation facilities.

Like many metro Atlanta communities, Dunwoody strikes a balance between work and life, providing plenty of entertainment and intown living options while at the same time offering those who want it a longer established, greener and quieter place to call home.

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