Vinings calls itself “The Best Place on Earth,” and you would be hard pressed to find many residents who would disagree. Located in Cobb County, this affluent community boasts impressive real estate – large homes sit back on green, forested lots – but the smaller scale dweller can find condo options near Vinings’ urban amenities, as well as downsized, but still spacious, homes ideal for first-time owners.

If you can’t feel the community pride just by perusing its shops and dining at its restaurants, you can physically see it in the many organization, associations and clubs that are active in Vinings. It’s also obvious in the well groomed, aesthetically pleasing public spaces and private homes.

Vinings is one of the few Atlanta neighborhoods that has successfully balanced expansion and development to maintain its quaint, cozy feel. It’s now a diverse and thriving community that people from all walks call home!

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